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That’s a question we frequently hear from brand holders when meeting us for the first time.


Everyone talks about complete services or hybrid manufacturing. Yet how many truly have the in-house resources from product design to materials engineering? How many companies have tooling and automation and process engineers who work side by side as a team to see the product develop from concept to shipping container?  At Global that’s what we bring to the table.


We don’t outsource all our work to “best in class partners” because we believe we have the best right here under our roof and invite you to sit down with them. We work with clients to create flip lids, tubs, and canisters as well as closures and bottles that not only clearly communicate their brand  but also meets today’s consumer expectations of high performance and environmental consciousness.


Some call it “teamwork” others call it “win-win”. Our philosophy is to put our reputation on the line and deliver to our clients a complete product solution at the time, price and specifications needed.  To us this is just good business. Say what you’re going to do and deliver on it.

"what do you bring to the 


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