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Don’t ask us to knock off a product or “make something similar” to a competitor. We won’t and don’t like it done to us. We treat the stewardship of our customer’s brands as if they were our own.


In all our products we only use FDA approved and certified plastics and colorants. All our products are delivered with full lot traceability in accordance to our ISO-9001 certified standards.

When you produce milllions of caps, tubs and flip lids per month you need to look at every phase of production and strive to reduce overall waste. If you take out just one gram of plastic, you can save tons of solid of waste. Reduce cycle time by 1 second and you save electricity and water and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Our 100mm and 80mm flip lids are among the lightest gram weight lids in the industry and have been engineered to reduce not just plastic but overall secondary packaging, handling and logistical cost as well.


I started out in this business sweeping floors.  I’ve done every single job in the process – not because I wanted to climb the ladder the old fashioned way, but because that is the only way to fully understand your business.


Not surprisingly, during the past quarter century in the plastics industry, I’ve seen a lot of change.  Not all of it has been for the better. I started Global Dispensing to do our part to try and change that – to create bespoke products for customers who value high-quality, reliability and solid engineering in addition to a good price. We marry solid engineering with common sense, efficiency with creativity, and quality with price sensitivity.  Our aim is to always improve: to bring yesterday’s lessons to tomorrow’s products.

We believe your customers should have a relationship with the product. It’s not just how it looks, feels, and sounds but also how safe and environmentally responsible it is. We strive to deliver this level of service.  We believe growing profits is not just achieved through cost reductions but also by growing the customer base with new and consistently refreshed and differentiated products.


How can we help you cut costs, deliver high-quality products and keep your customers happy? By being efficient and smart: and never actually being satisfied ourselves. It’s in our DNA to always look to improve.


We are constantly tweaking. How can we reduce weight and waste? How can we speed up production? How can we be more innovative and still treat our employees and customers with mutual respect we all deserve? 


How can we help you? That’s what matters to us. And that’s what should matter to you.

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