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Features commonly found on our tubs:
  • Smooth and consistent push button lid release

  • Uniform cover/tub sealing interface for reliable evaporation control

  • Patented non-metallic spring lid opening

  • TPE orifice or patented reach-in dispenser options

  • Non-skid TPE tub overmold option

  • IML option on lid, tub or both


Functional tissue dispensing, evaporation control, line filling ease and long-term brand ambassadorship is what a tub should deliver. We have been producing baby, general purpose, cosmetic and moist toilet tubs for over 10 years with millions of tubs in satisfied consumers’ homes and work places. All tubs engineered and produced by Global Dispensing are designed to provide a high quality product performance to the end customer.

  • 1 meter- six sided drop testing of fully filled tub

  • 3,000 activation product life test

  • Stability tested at 45 degree C for 8 weeks to meet customer specified moisture evaporation control

All tubs designed and produced by Global are tested to ensure they meet general industry expectations:
wet tissue flip


Designing and producing both stock and custom lids require extensive understanding of both the wipes manufacturing business as well as the consumer expectations.  A flip lid for a baby product is not the same as one for cosmetics. At Global we understand that and have the expertise to design and produce the best lids to fit your brand’s application.

Features commonly found on our lids:
  • Patent Pending U-Spring or Living hinge options

  • IML

  • Embossed custom logo

  • Ultra-Clear or custom colors

We produce wipe lids in the following sizes:
  • 120mm (General purpose/Baby)

  • 100mm (Baby/Moist Toilet)

  • 80mm (Specialty, Cosmetic)

All flip lids produced by Global are tested to ensure each lot meets general industry expectations:
  • Open/Close force of 1.2 lbs.

  • Average base flatness of +/- 0.5mm for uniform adhesive application

  • Stability tested at 45 degree C for 8 weeks to meet customer specified moisture evaporation control

Sizes we produce:
  • 120mm Diameter

  • 105mm Diameter

  • 80mm Diameter


Maximum evaporation protection, intuitive ease of use and consistently reliable tissue dispensing are what our canister tops are known for. All our custom and stock canister tops are designed to use the minimum amount of plastic to get the job done properly. We focus extensively on uniform seal dimensions in our production process to give co-packers peace of mind; lot after lot. Our canister tops are excellent fit for household, auto, and personal care usage. We also provide slightly heavier gauge canister tops for commercial/industrial applications where heavy use demands a higher level performance and product life cycle.

  • Patent Pending U-Spring or standard flip-hinge options

  • Custom dispensing orifice sizes to fit customer needs

  • Embossed  custom logo

  • Custom colors

Features commonly found on our canister tops:
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