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Global Dispensing
global dispensing


provider focused on both the consumer and commercial dispensing industries. We are not a “hybrid” manufacturer but provide our clients with complete in-house expertise. We design it, engineering it, tool it and produce it all right here.

Trust & Transparency 

Don’t ask us to knock off a product or “make something similar” to a competitor. We won’t and don’t like it done to us. We treat the stewardship of our customer’s brands as if they were our own.


When you produce millions of caps, tubs and flip lids per month you need to look at every phase of production and strive to reduce overall waste: If you take out just one gram of plastic, you can save tons of solid of waste

Global Dispensing
Injection Molding

Employing current scientific molding practices, we mold millions of lids, tubs and caps every year; 24/7. Our production floor and machines are optimized to produce the most cost efficient, high quality products possible. With machines from 280 to 450 tons we can handle small bespoke products to ultra-high cavitation major market closures and lids


we are your partner.
Focus on Growth
You succeed.
We succeed.

We believe your customers should have a relationship with the product. Not just how it looks, feels, and sounds but also how safe and environmentally responsible it is and we strive to deliver this. We are constantly tweaking. How can we reduce weight and waste? How can we improve production efficiency? How we can be more innovative and still treat our employees and customers with mutual respect we all deserve? How can we help you? That’s what matters to us. And that’s what should matter to you.

Global Dispensing

million shots warrantied on tools with international grade stainless steel 


Secure customer/project lot specific quality data access via FTP site


hour production lot access and traceability of all input materials


to 450 tons we can handle small bespoke products to ultra-high cavitation

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